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Developed over 5 years of MIT Research 

Routable AI is an on-demand vehicle routing and management platform. It offers a 10x efficiency improvement routing shared on-demand cars, shuttles, and buses.

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How it works

Routable AI is capable of dynamically routing high capacity vehicles in real time by interacting with your rider and driver marketplace.

Image Real-time routing engine proven to lower fleet size and reduce rider wait times
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    You share ride requests

    You share real time ride requests and driver locations with our Routing API.

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    Routable AI optimizes

    We use our specialized routing algorithm to calculate the most optimal routes for your vehicles and customers in real time.

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    Your customers enjoy

    Your riders enjoy lower wait times, your fleet size is reduced, and your drivers enjoy more trips and clear repositioning instructions after each trip.

  • “It doesn't make sense for every ride-sharing app in the world to build their own pooling technology. It's just too complex.”
    Marketplace Product Lead
    Global ride-sharing app
  • “There are over 40 trials of on-demand shuttles and buses worldwide but they don't have the technology to make it viable."
    Menno Van Der Zee
    Co-Founder, Routable AI

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Typical Use Cases & Benefits

Routable AI is focussed on assisting transit authorities and operators and high-capacity on-demand ride-sharing companies to make on demand buses a reality.


On-demand shuttle & bus operators

Many transit authorities worldwide experimenting with on demand buses and shuttles.  Routable AI will make these efforts possible in real time. 

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It's not easy to build an efficient pooling product. Use Routable AI to solve the problem, reduce engineering costs and get to market faster. 

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Transit & Para-transit (WAV) Authorities

Wait times are typically far higher for those who needs WAVs. Routable AI can help your operators improve the experience of those in most need.

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Routable AI Products

Choose the right set of Routable AI Products to suit your fleet.

Routable AI is beneficial to: 

- Global ride-sharing apps
- Fixed or on-demand shuttle or bus operators
- Transit authorities
- WAV / Paratransit operators
- Private fleet operators

On-demand Routing API

Provide highly efficient shared routes in real time for fleets of up to 5000 vehicles. 

Pre-scheduled Fixed Route Generator

Provide highly efficient shared routes in advance given known demand. 

Fleet Visualization & Analytics Dashboard

Monitor the performance of your fleet in action and make decisions to improve it. 

Fleet Simulation

Estimate the performance of your fleet under different scenarios. 

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Meet the team

Menno van der Zee

Specialized in mobility-on-demand systems
for high capacity vehicles
Alex Wallar
Co-Founder & CTO

Specialized in mathematical optimization for
high-capacity shared rides
James Cox Routable AI
James Cox

James launched uberPOOL globally
and UberX in Australia. 

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